Company Formation

Since 1995, Idzhat has specialized in the development and implementation of technologies and chemicals for enhanced oil recovery and oil production intensification.

Idzhat is a founder of technologies with the use of polymer dispersions (PD), gel-forming compositions (GOK + SCHSPK (alkaline waste of caprolactam process)) and their modifications.

Idzhat opened a branch in Nizhnevartovsk in 1995, in Almetyevsk in 1998, and in 1999 a production support base with a railway siding was established near Almetyevsk.

In 2002, the company formed its own teams for chemical treatment of wells, special equipment (CA-320 and tankers) was acquired to treat wells, which made it possible to provide a fully-fledged service during technology implementation from delivery of the reagent to the well, its injection into the well to engineering monitoring.

In 2002, the company's head office was opened at 31V, Yershov Street, Kazan, and in 2004, a branch was opened in Izhevsk.

The company's well-thought out structure and its highly qualified personnel help it to stay ahead of its competitors in the oil industry due to the clear organization and high quality of the work executed in excess of the planned technological effect on incremental oil production.

Advancement of Science

The company places great emphasis on scientific development and research.

In 2002, Idzhat began to actively invest in the establishment of testing laboratories:
— oil, oil products and chemicals laboratory
— formation and reservoir processes modeling laboratory.

In 2004, the oil, oil products and chemicals testing laboratory was certified in the TEKSERT system, and in 2005, it was certified in the GOST R system.

The results of Idzhat's research has allowed the company to stay at the forefront of innovative technologies and reagents for enhanced oil recovery and oil well stimulation not only in Tatarstan, but also in other regions of the Volga-Urals and Western Siberia.

Idzhat employees published more than 350 scientific papers and publications devoted to solving the problems of increasing the oil recovery ratio, more than 40 patents and four monographs.

Creation of Innovative Advanced Recovery Methods

Idzhat has developed a comprehensive approach to the problems of improving the efficiency of crude oil production, treatment and transportation.

Innovative developments are based on the principle of reversing the change of intermolecular interactions at the interface (liquid, solid, gas) and the destruction of associative structures of the dispersed oil system using increased content of asphalt-resinous substances.

New reagents developed by the company have opened wide opportunities:

  • to create innovative methods of enhanced oil recovery, one of which is ULTRAFLO-N technology;
  • for their use in oil treatment: an increase in emulsifying capacity while reducing the viscosity of heavy oil and oil emulsion is achieved through the synergistic effect of chemicals that make up the high performance DECOM complex action demulsifier;
  • for oil transportation: oil viscosity is reduced by changing the molecular mobility of the components forming the oil dispersion and by reducing its structural and mechanical strength (Depressor reagent is currently being tested).

Participation in Conferences

Idzhat employees have attended Russian and international symposia on Enhanced Oil Recovery in: Paris (2000), Budapest (2000), Tomsk (2000, 2001), Moscow (2007, 2008), Caracas (2008), London (2009) Khartoum (2009), Kazan (2009, 2013 and 2014).