DEKOM complex action demulsifierTU 2458-020-87869324-2014Used in oil production industrial processes to breakdown oil-water emulsions with different degrees of stability at various stages of oil treatment technology.

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Reagent Description

The demulsifier destroys emulsion, prevents its secondary formation, and decreases the mechanical strength of protective sheaths formed on the surface of water droplets, weakens protective structured adsorption layers on salt crystals, increases the size of droplets of the dispersed phase and the subsequent oil settling rate.

Dekom demulsifier was developed for field oil treatment, it has a complex action spectrum. Dekom reagent does not contain any highly volatile organochlorines (HVOC). It is a clear yellow liquid.


with detailed


It reduces dispersed phase boundary tension to 0.3-0.9 mN/m

It provides a sufficient oil-water emulsion separation rate.

It has corrosion inhibitor properties.

It prevents the accumulation of salts and solids in process equipment and utilities.

It concentrates solids at the phase boundary in prior collection equipment.

It provides high quality separated water that can be used in reservoir pressure maintenance systems without additional treatment.

It improves the rheological properties of oil-water emulsion and reduces the pressure inside the pipes in oil collection and transportation systems.

It does not affect commercial oil properties.

It has physical and chemical resistance to changing external conditions.

Properties, Features and Answers to Questions  

Properties and Features

Physical and chemical properties


Standard values: see TU 2458-020-87869324-2014

Test method


Light-yellow to brown liquid without solids, possible opalescence

As per 5.2 TU 2458-020-87869324-2014

at 20°C, kg/m3


GOST 3900

Kinematic viscosity at 20°C, mm2/s

1.0 to 45


Maximum chilling point, °C

Minus 45

GOST 20287 and paragraph 5.3. of product TU

Guaranteed storage life is two years from manufacture date.

Demulsifier specific consumption ranges from 30 to 100 g/t depending on oil properties and water salinity.

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