Gel Powder

Gel Powder

Gel powders for drilling MudsTU 39-047-105-93Designed for the preparation and adjustment of properties of aqueous drilling muds, as well as for preparation of the polymer-disperse system.

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Reagent Description

It is used as a base for clay and polymer-clay muds. It is applied in enhanced oil recovery technologies with the use of polymer-disperse systems and other advanced recovery methods as well as for clay suspension preparation.

It is a water and oil insoluble fine powder of color varying from light gray to brown. Depending on the mineral composition of the clay raw material, as well as on presence of modifying additives (soda ash), there are different types and grades of mud powders:

  • PB — bentonite powder;
  • PP — palygorskite powder;
  • PKG — kaolinite-hydromica powder;
  • M — modifying additives.


with detailed

Properties, Features and Answers to Questions  

Properties and Features

Physical and chemical properties

Indicator name

Indicators as per specifications TU 39-047-105-93

Minimum yield of clay mud with viscosity of 20 mPa*s, m3/t


Maximum mass fraction of moisture, %

Max 10

Wet sieve analysis, sieve residue, %
• with mesh #5
• with mesh #0071

Not available
Max 10

Free soda content, g/100 g of gel powder




The useful life of unmodified gel powders and ones modified by inorganic reagents is unlimited. The useful life of gel powders modified by organic reagents is 8 months from the date of production.

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