Complex action ARPD inhibitor – INKOMTU 2458-021-87869324-2014It prevents the formation of asphalt, resin, and paraffin deposits (ARPD) on oilfield equipment and destroys ARPD during oil extraction, collection and transportation.

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Reagent Description

Inkom is a depressing-modifying-dispersing action agent.

During ARPD formation, it crystallizes together with the seeds of paraffin-naphthenic hydrocarbon crystals, preventing resin-asphaltene substances from binding and attracting to the metal surface of the process equipment.

It acts at the molecular level, binding the polar parts of the molecules and preventing their impact on solid paraffins and naphthenes contained in oil. The reagent ensures formation of a fine system carried away by the oil flow, which prevents the deposit of crystals of paraffins and naphthenes on the walls of the process equipment.


with detailed


It prevents ARPD sedimentation and destroys these deposits during oil production

It preserves the quality of oil, petroleum products and oil refining processes

Properties, Features and Answers to Questions  

Properties and Features

Physical and chemical properties


Standard values: see TU 2458-020-87869324-2014

Test method


A brown liquid. Lamination is possible.

para 4.2 of these specifications (TU)

at 20°C, kg/m3

Min 850

GOST 3900, para 1.4.4
GOST 18995.1 para 1.4

Resin mass fraction, %

Min 10

para 4.3 of these specifications (TU)

It has moderate toxicological and fire-hazardous properties. It is adaptable to field operations in different climatic conditions.


Consumption of the INCOM inhibitor depends on the particular composition of ARPD. Organochlorine compounds are absent in its composition.

It can be used during the following well treatment methods:

  • Intermittent dosing into the hole annulus;
  • Intermittent dosing upstream of tubing;
  • Pumping the total volume of the inhibitor into the hole annulus with a preliminary calculated dosing using the effect of gravitational sedimentation.

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