Multifunctional Action Reagent RMD TU 2458-011-26761699-2001Hydrophobic composition that increases well productivity, including marginal wells.

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Shipped in metal drums and tank trucks

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The reagent has all the necessary licenses and permits

Reagent Description

RMD increases the productivity of production wells by selective increase in filtration resistance at wet reservoir ranges and improves oil filtration conditions in oil-saturated interlayers.

The reagent provides hydrophobic properties to the processed part of collector bottom-hole formation zone, therefore, the oil absorption rate is increased and water absorption rate is reduced. RMD destroys water-oil emulsions and cleans the bottom-hole formation zone and downhole equipment from asphalt, resin, and paraffin deposits (ASPD).

Well water-intake capacity is over 50 m3/day.
Water cutting of well production is up to 99%.
Reservoir thickness and permeability are not limited.


with detailed


Well oil flow rate more than doubles

Well productivity is recovered

Water cut is reduced

The application effect lasts up to 3 years

Properties, Features and Answers to Questions  

Properties and Features

Physical and chemical properties


Indicator name

Standard value






Light-brown to brown liquid without solids

Dark-brown liquid, solids are allowed

Dark-brown to black liquid, solids are allowed


Density at 20°C, kg/m3

Maximum 780

Minimum 740

Minimum 840


Hydrophobic additive content, wt.%

Maximum 20


Minimum 90


  • Complex impact on bottom-hole formation zone;
  • It has solvent ability with respect to asphalt-resin-paraffin substances;
  • RMD can be used in winter (freezing point below -30°C);
  • RMD is delivered to the well in a ready-to-use form, so the working solution is not prepared at the wellhead.

Implementation Results

577 wells in clastic and carbonate reservoirs were treated by RMD in Ural-Volga deposits. Additional oil production was 423,000 tons, specific technological efficiency was 733 tons per treatment.

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