Alkaline waste of caprolactam production — modified SchSPK-MTU 2432-001-42129794-2001An alkaline agent used in enhanced oil recovery gelling technologies.

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Reagent Description

SchSPK-M interacts with oil-field brine forming poorly soluble sediments. This leads to additional shutoff effect of oil reservoir zones flushed by water.

Alkaline waste of caprolactam production — modified SchSPK-M is liquid with a color varying from pale to dark brown. The presence of sediment is allowed. It is used as a component in GOK technology for enhanced oil recovery, as well as in enhanced oil recovery technologies using polymer-disperse systems and in other advanced recovery methods.


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Properties, Features and Answers to Questions  

Properties and Features

Physical and chemical properties

Indicator name

Standard value

1 Appearance

Pale to dark brown liquid. The presence of sediment is allowed.

2 Minimum density at 20 °C, g/cm3


3 Mass fraction of dry substance, wt%


4 Mass fraction of sodium salts of organic acids (equivalent to sodium adipate), % wt


5 рН of solution


6 Maximum mass fraction of modifying additives, wt%


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