Enhanced recovery technology is aimed at increasing waterflood sweep efficiency and waterflood displacement efficiency. A distinctive feature of the technology is that it can be used in treating wells to limit the influx of injected and bottom water.

The cost of work is calculated individually for each well

The reagents used in the technology have all the necessary licenses and permits

Technology Description

Heat-insulating water mass formed in-situ increases filtration resistance of water-bearing zones, which provides redistribution of filtration flows by area and the section of the processed area and increases waterflood sweep efficiency.

The technology is based on a series of alternating injection of reagents into injection and production wells with a water buffer volume between them. The following factors do not affect technology efficiency: reservoir temperature, viscosity and density of formation water and oil, mineralization of the formation and injected water.


  • Oil fields with productive clastic and carbonate reservoirs that have field reserves that are extracted by water flooding unevenly due to high interlayer and zonal heterogeneity by permeability and reservoirs with bottom water;
  • High-temperature reservoirs;
  • Injection wells with injection capacity over 80 m3/day;
  • Production wells with flow rate over 10 m3/day.


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The technology has been implemented in Volga-Urals and Western Siberia fields.

540,000 additional tons of oil have been recovered, the specific technological effect is 2,215 to 8,700 tons per well operation.

Effect duration: more than 24 months.

Properties, Features and Answers to Questions  

Properties and Features


Carbon dioxide and detergents produced as a result of interaction of the alkaline reagent with oil enhance displacement efficiency. A side effect is well bottom-hole treatment.

Diagrams of geophysical research for an injection well in Samotlor field (a) and formation profile log (b) before and after treating (c) with the gel-forming composition.

Characteristics of oil displacement in an injection well test pool in Samotlor field.

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