Test Laboratory

Crude oil, petroleum products and chemicals test laboratory accredited for technical competence to carry out testing activities in accordance with the scope of accreditation, registration number No. ROSS RU.0001.22NR12.

испытательная лаборатория

We offer fast and efficient product identification in the GOST R system.

The Laboratory has a Wide Scope of Accreditation

  • crude oil
  • organic synthesis products for construction of wells, oil production and transportation
  • motor gasoline
  • diesel fuel
  • petroleum naphtha
  • fuel oil
  • motor fuel for marine engines
  • petroleum fuel for gas turbine units
  • (petroleum) lubricants: motor, turbine, compressor, synthetic
  • lube oil additives
  • waste oils
  • polymeric petroleum and pyrolysis resins
  • fractions of aliphatic hydrocarbons
  • solvents
  • benzene
  • toluene
  • xylene

Tested characteristics of the products produced comply with the regulations for the particular product type. Chemicals tests are confirmed by test reports. We work quickly, efficiently and professionally.

Quality control tests of oil and chemicals are guaranteed by:

  • modern electronic test equipment;
  • updated versions of national and international standards;
  • highly qualified personnel (Ph.D. in Engineering).

We Offer Contract Work for Particular Test Methods:

  • dynamic, kinematic, funnel viscosity;
  • flow and pour points;
  • preformed gums;
  • cocking behavior;
  • cold filter plugging point;
  • sulfur mass fraction;
  • closed and open cup flash point;
  • fractional composition;
  • saturated vapor pressure;
  • corrosive effect on metals;
  • color on TsNT colorimeter.

and many other test methods in accordance with the scope of accreditation.